Friends and Neighbors, 

Learn how to make our Homes and Neighborhoods Safer!   Neighborhood Watch of Cape Coral introduces the 1st of our Quarterly Citizens meetings of 2020.    

Our keynote speaker, Master Sgt. Patrick O’Grady, a 24 year veteran of law enforcement, will review current technological advances that help in the prevention of crime and how they can be employed in our own homes.  

Master Sgt. O’Grady currently holds the position of Public Affairs Officer for the Cape Coral Police Department.  This is the latest in a long line of contributions M/Sgt O’Grady has made serving the citizens of Cape Coral.  Past positions include:  Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Drug Recognition Expert, and Traffic Homicide Investigator. 

In addition to M/Sgt O’Grady, Your District Resource Officers Jason Criazzo and John Tsourkas, will demonstrate physical preventative measures we all can practice! 

The meeting is Monday January 6th at 7:00PM.  We will be meeting at the Cape Coral Police Department, 1100 Cultural Park Blvd.  

Please help us in our quest of delivering knowledge of awareness of safety to our community, invite your friends to attend!!! 

-Neighborhood Watch of Cape Coral

An All-Volunteer Organization dedicated to Knowledge Transfer   








To encourage a sense of community through participation in local and national events to promote awareness of the benefits of Neighborhood Watch, and by assisting Cape Coral residents and local law enforcement agencies in developing a safe, secure neighborhood environment.




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