Signs & Stickers



Street Signs - $35.00 each
A Neighborhood Watch Street sign is typically placed at the entrance going into a neighborhood and is a great way to let criminals know that their actions will be reported to the police. In order to have a sign placed, your neighborhood must be registered as a Block Watch with Neighborhood Watch of Cape Coral, and have at least 40% of the residents in the block as members in Neighborhood Watch.



Canal Signs - $8.00 each
Property crimes do occur on our waterways and with over 400 miles of canals these signs are a great way to deter crime by advertise your Neighborhood Watch area. Attaches to most pilings or docks. Plastic; 9” x 12”; two mounting holes.



Window Stickers - $ 1.00 each
Neighborhood Watch window stickers adhere to the inside of your house or car windows and are another great tool to help keep burglars away.

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